Special site & behind-the-scenes of the new Galaxy CM


Time-traveler? (see update below^^)
And Kento is floating upside down ???

  • Filming took place in mid-March 2017 in Ibusuki, Kagoshima.
  • The lake that was used in the CM was in fact Lake Ikeda.
  • Kento’s role is a university student named 龍守渡 (Tatsumori Wataru).
  • Seems like the #2 video in the series will be titled 「龍呼」. Dragon’s breath/call? Not sure what it means yet…but it doesn’t seem like pure coincidence that his name also starts with 「龍」.
  • Update 1 May, 2017 @ 8.30pm: Somehow I missed out that Star Wars-like introduction text on the site just now lol. It says something about the Tatsumori family being able to leap through time using the dragon’s power from generations back, to speed up the world’s evolution. But Wataru, the only son of the Tatsumori family, doesn’t know anything about this and lives normally as a university student. His pet phrase is ‘muri darou’ (it’s not possible). Soon, he’ll be sent to the past by the dragon’s power. Hmm…

They showed us some behind the scenes pics but some are really tiny…

In any case, let’s look forward to the special making movie. I think it’ll be quite fun as it seems like Kento got along well with his co-stars, as usual – even though it was the first time meeting them.

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