Suda Masaki & Yamazaki Kento two-shot wefie video

From Todome no Kiss’ tweet on 25 Feb:

#episode 8 #on-air tonight at 10:30❗

Tonight’s presenters are…
Yamazaki Kento-san? & Suda Masaki-san?

This was freshly filmed today!
Not losing out to the Tokyo Marathon?‍♂️, Team Domekiss was filming in tip top condition. When the two of them tells us to, we’ve no choice but to watch right?✨ Yes, in real time alright❗
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento
#suda masaki

In the video they said:

Kento: Todome no Kiss, Episode 8 *jaan*
Suda: Watch it okay?
Kento: Tonight at 10.30pm *ja-jaan*
Suda: And…
Kento: Oh, yes. All Night Nippon tomorrow.
Suda: Kento will come on my show.
Kento: I’ll go… Please watch. *waves*

Kento smiles everytime he strums the guitar 😀

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