Todome no Kiss blogs about “Ichigo no Hi” on 5 January, 2018

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Yamazaki Kento dies in every episode.
Yamazaki Kento kisses in every episode.
Yamazaki Kento is a scum with a skewed perception of love.

This is the official blog of 「Todome no Kiss」
An unprecedented “love suspense” which starts on 1/7!

Yamazaki Kento-san & Kadowaki Mugi-san
appeared on
ZIP!→Sukkiri→news every.
in what we call a broadcast hijack!

Today is 1 (ichi) and 5 (go), in other words “Ichigo no Hi (Ichigo Day)”! So,
from Team “DomeKiss” to everyone,
we are sharing some exclusive photos here on our blog!

our lead Yamazaki-san does a “Ichigo Pose”

Next, Kadowaki Mugi-san does a “Ichigo Shot”!

*Note: Ichigo also means strawberry

Thanks for letting us hijack the broadcast!

At last this Sunday is the premiere!
Please look forward to it!!

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