Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 10 March, 2018 – #2

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✨Yamazaki, body measurement in progress✨
Was Outarou able to grow? (this isn’t about his height w)
He kissed and re-did things in his life time and time again, and gained a lot of experience from it.
Although he was the host that said 「it’s because people seek love that they become unhappy」,
without realizing it, he said proposal words like 「I said I’ll be the one to make you happy, didn’t I」 to try to stop Saiko from leaving. (oh no, I feel like crying now? Let’s watch episode 9 once more w)
Tomorrow’s last episode❗ The grown up Outarou❗ That gallant figure❗ Please be sure to watch‼
Real time?
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#when he sees a toy he’ll play with it immediately
#how old are you lol
#gap between his on vs off-screen mode is amazing
#i wonder where’s your motivation switch

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