Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 10 March, 2018

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Suda Masaki-san! All-up?
As filming for drama series approach the later half, usually scenes get more and more depressing and the set atmosphere gets serious, but Suda-san’s scenes are (in a good way☝) always full of harmony, so the staff could also (in a good way☝) take a breather. The natural atmosphere that Suda-san creates, the comedy skit-like superb chemistry they have whenever he interacts with Yamazaki-san, or the gentle tunes of the guitar being played during breaks…。
Of course in the last episode too!
They’ll make us cry?❗
They’ll make us laugh?❗
Please look forward to it❗
We feel that this will be the perfect scene that symbolizes DomeKiss‼?
For us staff, episode 6’s 「Make amends」 followed by the kiss, followed by 「Sayonara Elegy」 followed by the synchronization of his singing in the drama itself, that flow of scenes was heavenly, emotional and perfect, but, , ,
The final episode is great too❗ This can’t be true, this and this happens⁉
The perfect guest appearance. The perfect final episode.
Suda Masaki-san, thank you very much these past 3 months❗ Thank you for the good work‼
It’s okay to appear more, you know…lol?
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#thank you to both of them for the good work done for all 10 episodes

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