Tsuchiya Tao’s Instagram post on 16 Aug, 2021

Translating only the last part of Tao-chan’s post:

The photo has got nothing to do with what I wrote (above) though ?
Off shot from #Season1 ♠️♥️♣?
Recently I’ve been posting a few action videos from Rurouni Kenshin
but on the set of AiB too
action has a big presence?
In this photo, we were not practicing, but playing?
You can see the green screen. LOL
Each of us cast had experienced doing action scenes in our other projects
so we taught each other and learned from each other
That was also interesting⚔️✨
He is a wonderful coach? (T/N: she wrote this in English^^)
#Arisu (Alice)
#YamazakiKento kun

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