Update on JoJo release dates in South East Asia

Apart from Singapore, so far only Philippines has a firm date. I’ll update this post as and when the dates are confirmed.

Singapore – 17 August (GV Exclusive)
Malaysia – 31 August (GSC Exclusive)
Indonesia – 27 September (CGV)
Philippines – 6 September (SM)
Vietnam – November

10 thoughts on “Update on JoJo release dates in South East Asia

  1. dear Santa,
    all i want for early christmas are some Jojo news for the west. the world is not just asia. and while we’re at it Millie Bobby Brown to win the goddamn Emmy.
    thanks Santa

  2. you on twitter:
    “Now I understand what Kento meant when he said that the reactions by an overseas audience are different!”
    huh? i’m a bit confused now. i don’t really get what this have to do with singapore? are there already screening reports?
    in swiss i talked with a japanese gal after the screening and even she said that the whole behavior of the audience in the cinema (cheering, laughing, clapping hands during the movie) was different than the usual behavior of the audience in japan. so maybe what Kento tried to say was the same!?

    1. Yes, that’s what I meant. I went to watch the first show at GV Plaza just now (I live in Singapore, and it’s already 18 Aug here as I type this), and that Twitter post was my post-show thoughts 🙂 The audience was reactive to every minute link to the manga (pink dark boy, trussardi, etc), laughed at so many scenes, and like what you said, some were clapping and cheering during the show too, which was great and encouraging. I could tell the diff cos I watched this same movie so many times in Japan last week. In Japan, the audience were like *silence*… the only part where there’s a tiny bit of laughter was when echoes appeared. Apart from that, I thought I was the only one in the theatre lol. I’m so glad Kento went to Neuchâtel and experienced that screening 😉

      1. aaahhhh ok. thought you’re from the philippines.
        and yes that *silence* was exactly her description about movie theater audience in japan 😀

        PS: it’s kinda sad that they post clips of like every major twist now 🙁

          1. when you think the Jojo PR team can’t get any more bonkers warner just jumps right in front of us with 13 minutes like “surprise bitch”.

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