Wada Masanari blogs about Kento and hair bands

From Wada Masanari’s official blog post today titled 「Yutti」*:

I wear a basic hair band during rehearsals.

Kento seemed curious about that.

He was delighted when he wore my hair band that was placed on the table.

And then, Tama-san too.

When Kento saw me wearing the hair band on the first day of rehearsals, he seemed to have wondered if I were Yutti-san*.

I scolded him, just a little.

I really like Tama-san.

His unique presence is brilliant.

The rehearsal studio.

Has a very good atmosphere.

From tomorrow, I’ll also do my best, to be happy my way, with a smile!!

*Note: Yutti (ゆってぃ) is a Japanese comedian who wears a hairband like this 😀

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