Yamazaki a.k.a KENTOS

Sakurada Dori updated his blog again last night at 11.58pm, that Yamazaki Kento was with him again before the day ended. He posted a photo of himself which was taken by “Yamazaki a.k.a KENTOS”, and apparently Kento made the candle stand in the cup of green tea LOL


Photo by 山﨑 a.k.a ケントス

Sakurada continued writing about his past birthdays and how he didn’t like to celebrate them, as he was mostly alone, back in his teens. But after turning 20, the chances to have birthday celebrations increased. Last year they celebrated for him at Orange and Good Morning Call, and he felt really happy. This year he received many presents from people at work, co-stars, producer and manager, and they celebrated for him on set. It was the best birthday.

Towards the end of the post, he wrote:

Happy 17th birthday (for the 8th time) to me

And so

Before my birthday ends, I’m glad he’s here for dinner again

Yamazaki a.k.a KENTOS


Let’s hang out again

See ya (TωT)/~~~

Sakurada created a personal twitter yesterday where he will post non-work-related stuff.

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