Yamazaki Kento on Jaejoong’s Twitter LIVE, 15 June 2018

This is a short cut from the live feed Jaejoong did at the backstage of Music Station.

15 June, 2018

At the start of this clip, we can see Kento greeting Chemistry. Jaejoong said that he probably shouldn’t be filming other celebrities in the vid, but Chemistry assured him it was alright. Jaejoong then filmed Kento and apparently it’s their first time meeting each other.

He checked with Kento again if it was alright with his management to appear on the vid, and Kento said “no problem” but one of Chemistry said “it’s already too late to be asking that” lol.

Jaejoong said that Kento is “super kakkoii”, and asked him how old he is. Kento replied “24 this year”. After flipping the camera to himself, Jaejoong said that Kento looked very much like “Yamashita-kun” (Yamapi). He told them that the camera is on himself now, so the three got behind him and waved to the camera =D

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