Music Station 2018.06.16 – Tsujii Nobuyuki x Yamazaki Kento Cut

Yamazaki Kento made his first appearance on Music Station last night. He was on the show to promote the movie Hitsuji to Hagane no Mori, to support and “watch over” Tsujii Nobuyuki who performed the ending theme of the movie “The Dream of the Lambs” live on the program. I’ve made a 7min 21s cut here (pw: name of this site, which is also the URL without the www.).


They didn’t walk down the steps like the usual artistes, probably out of consideration for Tsujii-san. Kento said he’s very happy to be able to come on the show, as Music Station is a TV program he’s been watching all this while.


Suda Masaki’s “Sayonara Elegy” ranks 6th in Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 (First Half of 2018 chart). They showed the MV which Kento appeared in, and also interviewed two girls on the street, which was quite funny. The girl on the left was saying “It’s like I’m hearing Suda Masaki, but in my head it’s Yamazaki Kento.” And the girl on the right went “it’s like haaaahhhhhh…” and she got so excited that the staff asked her “why are you crying?” LOL


This would be the first live performance on TV for Tsujii Nobuyuki. He said that “The Dream of the Lambs” is a very beautiful piece that’s very fitting for the movie. This piece is composed by Hisaishi Joe who gave us many Ghibli soundtrack pieces. Kento explained that the movie is about a piano tuner and how he moves forward in life. They then showed photos from the royal screening the other day, where Kento sat beside the Empress of Japan. He said he was very nervous then =D

Tamori-san asked if Kento and Generations are of the same generation. Katase Ryota said that he’s same age as Kento, then said that Mandy-san beside him is a huge admirer of Kento =D Mandy said that Kento is really kakkoii and sparkling. And according to Sano Reo, Mandy apparently said that if he were to be reborn, he wants to be reborn as “Zakiken” (their nickname for Kento ne~ LOL).

↓ This shot just before the commercial break ↓


Kento simply sat and watched as Tsujii played “The Dream of the Lambs” on the piano. It’s a different version from the one in the soundtrack as this was a purely piano performance. In the soundtrack (and movie), there’s orchestra as well. Tsujii is really a genius ne~ and I’ve been repeating this piece on my mp3 player the past few days.

They also inserted a few scenes from the movie, and gave Kento a few close ups that I couldn’t resist taking screencaps of ^^

A close up that shows his pretty eyes and eyelashes, wihch were very beautifully portrayed in the movie~ ↓ ↓ ↓

More shots of Kento watching Tsujii and at the end when he applauded.


They were the final performance of the day, so right after that was the ending of the show. And we can see Kento gently escorting Tsujii up the steps ^^

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing and translating. I heard about Mandy`s admiration for Kento I saw the clip months ago yeah! Mandy said that if he were to be reborn, he wants to be reborn as “Zakiken” Extremely happy watching MS a-Two birds in one shot coz I am also a Fan of LDH too. Otsukaresamadeshita.

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