Yamazaki Kento shoots with Galaxy!! #1: “Suspension Bridge” version

This is presumably the first in another series of Galaxy CMs.

And the story goes…

Kento is in the van traveling somewhere. He says he wants to go to a place with nice scenery. After getting to the location, he has fun playing with snow and tree trunks lol… then gets to the suspension bridge. Moving on, he sees a peculiar plant and says he wants to take a picture of it… but ends up taking a selfie instead ?

Pretty visuals.

2 thoughts on “Yamazaki Kento shoots with Galaxy!! #1: “Suspension Bridge” version

    1. He’s so natural here ne! Even though I’m not a fan of the product, I think the CM is really well-made. Kudos to Fujino P! think I have the same taste as him, on what’s visually appealing ?

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