Yamazaki Kento shoots with Galaxy!! #4: “Making” version

This special video shows the making of the first Galaxy CM, where Kento backhugged Marie-chan. Not only the producer-san, but the director-san is also the same as Sukikoto’s ne. Nice team work, and they all seemed to be having fun, even though it was cold.

The way he hit into the luggage (?) during the backhug rehearsal and his resulting “Ouch!” was funny. Marie-chan has acted as his wife’s apprentice (Mare), his younger brother’s girlfriend (Sukikoto), and now his love interest. Actually they do look quite sweet together ne. And as usual, Kento is always the moodmaker behind-the-scenes.

Time for the pretties : )

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    1. hi, seems like galaxy mobile jp has removed the vids from their youtube channel… i’ve replaced it with a tweet video from akiarashi0125. enjoy 🙂

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