Yamazaki Kento’s photoshoot @ Asahi Shimbun 2019.04.12

Photos by Shinozuka Youko, taken on 1 April 2019 in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo:

Lead actor in Movie 「KINGDOM」
This happened during the photoshoot before the interview. He walked in gallantly, but when the photographer requested him to “bring your face closer to the glass window”, he deliberately breathed hard onto the glass and made it foggy. The ones taken aback were the photographer who couldn’t press on the shutter button for a while, and the staff who were doing to-the-minute adjustments to the interview time. However, this child-like prank of his eased the tension on the set.

The full article is only accessible to Asahi Shimbun members and is in Japanese.

BTW, Yamazaki Kento will get a cover feature on their “Shuukan Asahi” 26 April issue that will release on 16 April.

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