“Your Lie in April” DVD/BD Box shots

This is the 3-disc Deluxe Edition. Pretty ne~~??? And with over 6hrs of bonus footage, i guess it’s worth the ?! Have you placed your orders yet?

Purchase links:

Deluxe Edition (3-disc)
Blu-ray: AMZ | AMZ w/postcard | CDJ | HMV
DVD: AMZ | AMZ w/postcard | CDJ | HMV

Regular Edition

Details of each edition can be found here.

4 thoughts on ““Your Lie in April” DVD/BD Box shots

  1. うわぁ! やばいいい!!??
    neechan, what is the different between deluxe edition and regular edition? is that 6hrs of bonus footage??

    1. the regular edition only has the movie and some trailers/tv spots. the deluxe ed. is the one we should be looking at haha~ i’ve added a link above to more details on each edition : )

      1. ah sou ka, yappari da… ugh i need to have it because it’s very beautiful and (hopefully) really worth with the okane lol
        arigatou, neechan :)))

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