ZIP! 2017.10.13 Yamazaki Kento and Hashimoto Kanna meets Yuzu

This clip was when that famous KOIHAJI twin dance by Yamazaki Kento and Hashimoto Kanna first aired. It’s the first time Yamazaki Kento and Hashimoto Kanna met Yuzu, and apparently Kento is a huge fan of Yuzu.

Kanna: He was singing Yuzu songs in the elevator just now.
Yujin: Really? Let’s release that! (lol) I’m glad.
MC: What’s your favourite Yuzu song?
Kento: There are many I love, like “Natsuiro”, “Tobenai Tori”, “Choutokkyuu”, “Again 2”, “Sayonara Bus”. I really love them.

Actually before this interview, Kento and Kanna did a cover dance of ‘Koi, Hajikemashita.’ and they showed it to Yuzu. While watching the clip…

Yuzu: Oh, it’s good…. That’s good… Ohhh… The last part (lol)… that’s great. The last part was good (lol).
Kento: The last part, I couldn’t synchronize my moves… the yay~yay~ part… (・・;)
MC: (To Yuzu) So, were they able to dance?
Yuzu: Well, 100pts for Hashimoto-san.
MC: What about Yamazaki-san?
Yuzu: Erm… 75pts. (lol). Well, he should have done [something] during the dance…

Just what advice did Yuzu give Kento? What was that [something] that he lacked? The answer: As it takes two to do this “twins dance”, Yuzu feels that if Kento could “feel the presence” of his partner while dancing, it would have been better. But Kento admitted that he didn’t have the luxury of doing that since he was desperately trying to dance it properly, and apparently took 30-40 minutes of practice to finally be able to come up with something “presentable” lol.

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