[Translation] andGIRL September 2017

Cover & Photoshoot

Yamazaki Kento x Kamiki Ryunosuke x Arata Mackenyu

Yamazaki Kento Special Interview & JoJo

Translating bits from the solo interview:

Although he doesn’t really have much off time recently, he still manages to go for meals and drinks with his friends, like with his fellow JoJo members Macken & Ryuu. Sakurada Dori also joined in. They created a LINE group and somehow Sakurada is also in there, and joins in their conversations, so much so that Kento forgets that Sakurada didn’t appear in JoJo =D

Q: Do you yearn for marriage?
A: Yes! I’d like to get married one day.

Q: What words from a girl would make you happy?
A: “Kakkoii ne”, “kawaii ne”, etc. Any kind of compliments would make me happy. I’m the kind of person who will push myself harder (will excel and perform better) when I’m being praised, even when I’m being yelled at.

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