Hello, and welcome to this little Yamazaki Kento fansite. Not sure what this site will become, but so far, we have these in the pipeline:

  • english subbed videos
  • magazine & pamphlet scans
  • translations of kento’s blog posts
  • information on kento’s works

At the moment, I’m really enjoying the process of creating the pages here, as it gives me the chance to revisit his older dramas and movies, one by one, at my own pace.


2 thoughts on “Hajimemashite!

  1. Ah, hello. I just found your site 2 days ago and do a marathon stalking to flip all the pages. Now I’m here ^^

    I just want to say thank you for your kindness to create this most wonderful website about him, I truly feel grateful. You did such a lovely support for him. I really enjoyed everything! From now on-in the future pls don’t give up and always sharing joy to be his most ultimate fan!

    Once again, thank you ♡

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