[Subs] Another Sky 2016.05.27 – Yamazaki Kento in London

This was the video I wanted to sub most when I first started this site. In fact I started subbing it even before creating the site lol… Sorry for putting it off for so long. Although it’s taken me months to do so, I’ve finally got it completed today so I hope you will enjoy it =D

Download @ MF (221mb)

Sorry about the video quality – it was the best I could find :'( .

18 thoughts on “[Subs] Another Sky 2016.05.27 – Yamazaki Kento in London

  1. I wanted to say thank you, I’ve been reading your updates for 6 months now and when I woke up this morning to this eng sub I was so happy, I didn’t even know he came to my hometown. Many many thanks from me.

  2. Thank you so much for the subtitle and everything you translated up to now. Afterall, Kento loves soccer the most XD.

  3. Thank you for subbing this, now I got the chance to know more of Yamazaki-kun 😉
    When I first saw this site, I was surprised to see and I look how dedicate you are on maintaining the website. Which is good, keep it up!

  4. Thank you so much for all the subs! Please keeping up the good work! If there’s no you, I’m sure a lot of people didn’t know where to look up for Kento’s stuffs.
    Anyway, this “Another Sky” seemed to be a well-edited program, I heard English famous singers singing in the background, such English sense!

  5. i just came across this webpage and was very excited that you had taken the time to add the English subs. I truly thank you! I first came across his acting while watching Heroine Shikkakku and thought to myself I have to watch what other productions he has been involved with and I have been a supporter since. He is such a gifted actor who becomes more seasoned in his craft with each production he is in. It’s nice to see another side of him where he was able to reveal some of his other passions. I truly wish him a life of long health, happiness and success. Keep these coming and once again, Thank you!

    1. I was about to leave the same comment, you really said everything I wanted to say!
      I really wish him the best and I hope that he continues to be an actor who does what he loves for a long time, I’ll be thankful to watch him as a viewer and a fan 🙂

  6. Thank you for bringing this site to life. You have brought us all closer to this precious human we all love. I hope you don’t mind me lurking about your site on a daily basis. ? Absolutely love Kento even more after watching this. ❤

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