[HD] VS Arashi 2014.04.10

Here’s Kento’s second appearance on the show.

L-DK Team vs Arashi!

Nice episode and loads of cute Kento moments (like when the Plus One guest asked if she can give him a hug, and he spontaneously answered ‘yes’?). This is also the only time so far that he played the Bingo game – which is one of my favourite VSA games.

Download @ MF (1.85gb) [pw hint: site name/URL]

9 thoughts on “[HD] VS Arashi 2014.04.10

  1. Thank you for uploading! I was just wondering if you knew around one point Yamazaki hugs the guest?

      1. You said that Yamazaki hugged one of the guests, because they asked. I tried to find it in the video but I couldn’t. Thank you for replying

        1. Oh, Kento and the guest didn’t actually hug. He only agreed to letting her hug him but they didn’t (or it wasn’t shown on the program, even if they did.)

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