[DVD] Real Onigokko 3 – Making

Previously, I’ve shared Kento’s interview cut. This time it’s the full Making of Real Onigokko 3 (raw) which is over 40mins long. Love the part where he tried to be the oni, fooling around with Arai Atsushi! Seeing the director here just reminds me that we haven’t heard anything about Hyouka since the lead roles announcement…

The Chasing World 3 – Making 

MF [pw: URL of this site]

The routine screen captures:

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  1. hey thank you for this.
    but i tried to extract the file and it doesn’t work.
    idk what’s wrong, tho i already use the url as password. i really wanna watch it 🙁

    1. hi jess, the pw is also the name (and domain name) of the site. hint: no www. or other stuff in front. hope u’re able to figure it out 🙂

      1. i already tried it, still not working 🙁
        in fact, i’ve tried everything possible lol
        i’m sorry. maybe something’s wrong with my computer ?

          1. it works!!
            omg you’re right! it is the software i’m using lmao
            thank you very much. i really appreciate it 🙂

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