[Subs] Gintama loves JoJo 2017.07.04

The official “Gintama” twitter posted a video message today @ 8.13pm JPT. The Yorozuya trio – Oguri Shun, Suda Masaki and Hashimoto Kanna – talked about a twitter release day special broadcast that they’d like fans to watch. I shan’t say more. Douzo! =P

Edit @ 2017.07.04 @ 11.35pm: Seems like our ears were only hearing what we wanted to hear hahaha. I just listened more carefully and realised that Suda actually said “Suda Masaki desu”. So the bromance this time is between Ginsan and JoJo only lol. I’ve updated the video (to version 2). Enjoy =D

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