(Eng Sub) Rikuoh ep 02

MF (684mb, 1hr 00mins 09s)

Sorry for the delay, my comp died and needed a replacement… Hope to be able to work on the next episode faster, though it’s also extended by 15mins, like this one hehe. Enjoy =D

16 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Rikuoh ep 02

  1. Hello dear, may i ask you for help ? I’m looking for subtitle files for Rikuou drama, and i didn’t know how to contact with admin in your blog.. actually i have Arabian fansub and im interested for subbing this drama , sure i follow your rules and we will give to you all the credits . hope to hear from you soon .

  2. thanks so much….lost hope that anyone was subbing this drama. Happened to hear that you guys were subbing it from twitter.

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