27 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Todome no Parallel ep02

  1. this episode is so dark.. that ending gave me goosebumps like srsly kazuma just did what? 0.0 anyway thankyou for subbing todome no parallel<3 now im really looking forward for the next ones esp the final ep

  2. Ugh? I can’t wait for the remaining episodes!!!!! Especially the final episode! Why does this show love cliff – hangers so much…….smh
    Thank You for subbing these…. can’t wait for episode 3

  3. Thank you for all your hard work in releasing this episode. The subs are slightly out of time though. Would you consider retiming them? I just discovered this fansite today. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard so far. I hope to see more of Todome no Parallel or TomePara?

    1. hi kittyann, the timing seems fine from my end. could it be the player? (i use vlc~). or if u’re talking about the a/v sync, it might be in the raw itself, as the raw isn’t of the best quality (though it was the best i could manage~). thanks for your understanding!

      1. Hi. Okay. I checked again, and everything’s fine. It must have been a fluke. Thanks for checking and subbing this episode. I really love how Todome no Parallel adds to the experience of watching Todome no Kiss. The ending was dark, to be sure, but I liked how it also covered Marin’s hostess job, as well. I hope you can find the rest of the raws. I’ll look around if I can.

    1. hi zaini, there’s a MF link in this post (below the image). click on that, download the file to your computer, and watch it using VLC player~ hope that helps 🙂

  4. Thank you for subbing the Parallels – much appreciated. How many are there – 10 like dorama?

      1. At first im thankful to yoj so much for subs im looking forward for next ones.and i thought paralel eps were released after 10.ep of main drama.So paralel eps were released with the eps of main drama at the same time.Thanks for information too.

  5. Thankyou so much for your hard work in providing the subs
    ..its a saving grace for us after the final of Todome no kiss..rooting for happier ending in this one..
    ..waiting eagerly for the next ones <3

  6. Hey. Thank you so much for uploading the subs for Todome No Parallel. Any chance of uploading the next few episodes?

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