Good Doctor’s Tweet on 12 July, 2018 @ 8.02pm

\\2 hours ▶︎▶︎ to the broadcast of episode 1// In between Minato and Hashiguchi is Kiara-kun who play Masaki in episode 1🧒🏻🌈 A very important key person in episode 1✨✨ It will be heartwrenching—- watching Kiara-kun’s acting……😢 #GoodDoctor #YamazakiKento #HamanoKenta […]

Yashima Norito’s Tweet on 12 July, 2018

Drama 『Good Doctor』’s Yamazaki Kento-kun 🎵 The way he speaks so sincerely is similar to that of Minato-sensei in the drama 🍀 A condensed “drama” that’s thought-provoking from the very first episode 😉 Its color as a Japanese version has been properly brought out 🎵 It’s brilliant 🎶 I […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 12 July, 2018 @ 9.54am

#Tokudane has ended😊 In Tokudane! footage of #YamazakiKento-san #UenoJuri-san visiting the hospital for materials-gathering was shown📖 This is 1 pic with Ukiyama-sensei of 🏥Kyorin University Hospital🏥 when Yamazaki-san visited🤝 Thank you for the valuable experience🌻 Well then! Next up is……✨ […]

Good Doctor’s Tweet on 12 July, 2018 @ 8.54am

We went on #MezamashiTV⏰ Team #GoodDoctor was full of energy since morning☺✨ The three showed 『👍🏻』 after the broadcast!! Or rather, Yamazaki-san, 「Mezamashi Janken! Janken, PAーー🖐🏻」 What was that?😂😂😂LOL #YamazakiKento #UenoJuri #FujikiNaohito #Starts10pmTonight #FujiTV *Admin note: when people play ‘janken’ […]

Mezamashi TV 2018.07.11

Ah! Eh? Ah! (86mb, 5mins 44s) Totsugi Shigeyuki meets Yamazaki Kento and Ueno Juri for some shaved ice. One thing for sure, Kento really loves matcha =D When he found out the shop serves matcha flavour, his eyes widen and went […]