Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 9 March, 2018

#final episode #2 days to go #on-air 10.30pm 11 march
✨Release of secret offshot #2✨
How is this❗ Good-looking men with hands stacked‼
For everyone suffering from domekiss loss so early on🎁
If we remember correctly, their conversation at this time went something like this🙂
Ou「This person’s dumpling hair is splendid」
Uji「Actually this has become a switch」
Uji「Yeah. They said that if you press this switch, everyone will want to watch the final episode of domekiss in real time」
Ou「I see. Alright, let’s press it together」
Ou-san, Uji-san, you certainly don’t need this switch😂
Because, I can only imagine everyone getting all hyped up and watching that touching final episode in real time together😂
2 more days to the final episode❗✌
Please prepare that handkerchief that you like, and please watch the last episode in real time‼😉
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento
#arata mackenyu
#how long are you going to hold hands for
#i want to be that stone statue
#offshots major release campaign in progress

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