GYAO JoJo Interview – Yamazaki Kento

This was the gyao exclusive interview that was available for viewing on the web, and only within Japan. It was the first day of filming, and Kento was asked on his feelings.

MF (35mb) Hint: Kento’s date of birth + JoJo movie release date in Japan, in YYYYMMDD 

2 thoughts on “GYAO JoJo Interview – Yamazaki Kento

  1. I’m trying really hard to get the password for this but it keeps telling me I’m wrong 😭

    1. hi, i just tested the pw and it’s working fine. it’s the SUM of the two dates. hence the pw itself is only 8 digits. please use 7-zip to unzip (sometimes it doesn’t work in other programs..). hope you are able to figure it out!

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