[HD] VS Arashi 2015.09.24

Kento’s fourth time on VSA and the only time in 2015. Heroine Shikkaku team vs Arashi. This is also the first time Kentos did the Cliff Climb.

MF (1.66gb) pw: site name/url

One of my favourite parts was when Nino talked about how Kento was during filming (in Yowakutemo Katemasu), and how tennen and a weird kid he was, and Kiritani and Fukuda’s reactions were like, “He’s weird, he’s weird.” XD Also the bowling game when Mirei-chan shared about how Kento walked in when she was changing. “I was wearing a beige innerwear, beige underwear, and beige tights…” (Kentos: “I thought at that moment that she was naked.”). “If I’m gonna be looked at anyway, it’d have been better if I were wearing my best underwear.” Kento said his first thought was “Oh my, she’s naked!” then he shut the door tight lol.

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    1. sorry for the late reply. the password should be correct. it’s the url without the www. also, maybe it’s the program that is used to unzip… i think it works with 7-zip.

    1. hi, i just tried downloading and unzipping using 7-zip, and it worked. the password is correct. i’ve heard that it might not unzip with other programs, so please use 7-zip to unzip it. thanks!

  1. Hi!

    Cannot unzip with 7-zip even though I used the url as the password…
    Thanks for help!

      1. nevermind, i’ve been using the full url. went through your other comments and figured out that it was only supposed to be the site name

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