Jikou Keisatsu’s Tweet on 29 November, 2019

Sorry to keep you waiting.
Here are our final episode guests.

#YamazakiKento san #NikaidoFumi san
#SometaniShota san #MatsushigeYutaka san

have gathered with Director #MikiSatoshi
for the first time in 9 years since #AtaminoSousakan

Please look forward to
the somewhat nostalgic reunion in conjunction with
the final episode of #JikouKeisatsuHajimemashita


This is great news indeed! Just a few days ago, we reported that Kento will be the main guest of the final episode. As we all know, ‘Atami no Sousakan’ was Kento’s debut project as an actor. In fact, in his very first scene in Episode 1, he was with Sometani-kun and Fumi-chan! His very first dialogue “Ouch!” was when Fumi-chan smacked him from the back lol. This is how memorable this reunion is 🙂

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