KINGDOM releases 30s teaser trailer

New scenes of Shin, Eisei, Seikyou, Yotanwa and Ouki. I really like how this trailer is done. It focuses on the meeting of the two — a young man robbed of his best friend, and a young king robbed of his throne — and how their fateful meeting started to move things in the era.

“This is the story of the men’s fight to challenge the impossible.”

On a personal note, I got goosebumps watching this in HD this morning. My favourite manga coming alive, scene by scene ??? Shin & Sei standing together just gives me so much feels. Seikyou’s 80k army, Ouki’s trademark smile, Shin’s little ponytail, and his sword. . . Yabai ne! Btw I REALLY recommend reading the manga. If you are interested, this movie covers the Sei Kyou’s Rebellion Arc which spans Chapters 1-47.

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