Rikuou’s Tweet on 9 August, 2017

Announcement of the role of Miyazawa’s son in Sunday drama 『Rikuou』! Yamazaki Kento-kun will play Miyazawa Daichi!!! Kento-kun, who is coincidentally of the same age as Daichi, will portray the worries of a 23 year old, and the hope that he finds from within!!! Filming will begin soon!

6 thoughts on “Rikuou’s Tweet on 9 August, 2017

    1. lol~~ tao-chan ne? it’d be interesting if they play siblings. but when i think of ‘younger sister’, i think more of like sugisaki hana or takahata mitsuki. anyway, i’m hoping takeuchi as runner is true haha. we shall wait and see 😀

      1. for a second i wanted to puke when i read “Takahata” but then i read the full name.

        if they cast Tao then the online shitstorm would be much more interessting than the actual show tbh xD

        i’m kinda uncertain if i should watch it. like i’m happy it’s not a run of the mill shoujo romance again but i expected/hoped for something darker/more thrilling….

  1. So glad to hear the good news, I already miss him doing drama, OMG! Tao? Takeuchi, Woah interesting!
    anyway I surely will watch it. Can`t let myself not seeing Kenken everyday hahaha.

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