[Translation] [Part 2] Suda Masaki’s All Night Nippon 2017.08.21 – Guest: Yamazaki Kento

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If you missed the post earlier today, head over to read Part 1. Please download the mp3 file as the timings in the translations are aligned to that. Okay, here we go!


Corner: 100% Manga.
Suda: In this corner, listeners will send over mails on characters that are 100% in mangas, and situations that will 100% appear in mangas. Kento has also played many school student characters like in “JoJo” and “Saiki Kusuo”. Today’s theme is school mangas. And Kento’s judgement can be like “aruaru” (yes, there’s such a character/situation!), or “I’ve played such a role before”, “I don’t think such situation would happen” etc…..

Mail from listener kamura.
Kento: Yes, Kamura.
Suda: “The most handsome guy in school who’s sadistic and has the ‘almighty me’ attitude takes an interest to the one and only girl, the heroine, who isn’t interested in him. When he approaches her, she goes “what do you want?” and he 100% replies in a super confident tone, “To show no interest in the almighty me, you are kinda interesting na~”
Kento: This is aruaru.
Suda: *LOL*
Kento: Super aruaru!
Suda: Is that so!
Kento: Isn’t this what I did before? No?
Suda: *LOL*

Kento: I did this before….in “LDK”, and “Ookami Shojo and Kuro Ouji” etc. Well, in “Ookami Shojo and Kuro Ouji”, it was really…
Suda: The girl is Nikaido Fumi.
Kento: Yes yes yes.
Suda: You were rather sadistic, right?
Kento: Yeah. This is really aruaru.
Suda: Well, then can we hear it from you?
Kento: Okay… “To show no interest in the alma-almigh*!^%$#—”
Suda: HAHAHHAA. The end. No more.

Mail from Chiba Prefecture, tonpicchon.
Kento: Tonpicchon! Picchonti?
Suda: LOL! Hey! I’m sorry, everyone. Kento, can you please take note? Can you stop interfering when I’m reading the mails?… and can you stop saying ‘Picchonti’?
Kento: Choppinti?
Suda: That too. It’s not about playing around with the words… Let me continue. Listener name tonpicchon.
Kento: *LOL*
Suda: Hey! Seriously. You’re wasting time.
Kento: Please continue.
Suda: “A study session. The girl goes to the house of the guy she likes. In the room, there were only the two of them. It’s just a little bit more before they kiss… but at that time, 100% his mother would bring in some tea, or his siblings would come in and interfere. The two who are about to kiss awkwardly step away from each other, and somehow the guy places his hand on the wall and looks at his feet.”
Kento: This…. Is this a conto (comedy skit)?
Suda: No, it’s not. This is quite aruaru, isn’t it? Do you know this?
Kento: I don’t really know.
Suda: Oh you don’t?
Kento: I thought it was a comedy.
Suda: Well, maybe it’s because such a thing like a study session–
Kento: Ah, study session… I’ve never done one before.
Suda: Right?

Mail from Tottori Prefecture, natsuki.
Suda: “A situation where a handsome guy transfers over to the school. After being exposed that they were acquaintances, the female protaganist was made to sit beside him and in addition to that, asked to show him around the school…”
Kento: Aruaru, I guess?
Suda: This is aruaru.
: This is aruaru.
Suda: This is aruaru in both shojo mangas and shonen mangas. Have you done this before?
Kento: Aru (yes).
Suda: Oh, is it? That’s amazing.
Kento: Well… in “Orange”.
Suda: HAHAHA. Your own movie?
Kento: Well, please excuse me for saying this, but…
Suda: What is it? Maybe it’s better not to say it.
Kento: Well,  this… “Orange” is a really good movie, and it’s a sad story. But I’m a transfer student in there.
Suda: I see, a transfer student.
Kento: Then, in the seat beside me is a girl I’m kinda interested in. So from the first day at school, it was like… hmm? there’s some kind of light there…
Suda: This is just what I think, but you are really good.
Kento: Hmm?
Suda: You really fall in love a lot.
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: They don’t let me fall in love at all.
Kento: Eh, you do right?
Suda: Well, half of the time I play a virgin.
Suda: It’s either a virgin, or a yankee.
Kento: Well, me too. I also play virgins.
Suda: Is that so?
Kento: Well, because… even if the roles are like the aggressive type, they are still virgins.
Suda: Pure, right? I see.
Kento: Oh we have a common point: — Virgins–
Suda: HAHAHA. Stop it. Tomorrow it’ll be in the news — Suda Masaki and Yamazaki Kento. Common point is–
Suda/Kento: –Virgins.
Suda: Don’t go searching for weird points.

Mail from Kanagawa Prefecture, anohinorieko.
Suda: “The second male lead who doesn’t end up with the heroine but is always by her side supporting her. He keeps encouraging her to approach the guy she likes, and gives her the push in the last episode, but after that he 100% returns to the wall, sits down on his bed, looks up at the ceiling, and says ‘what the hell am I doing?'”
Kento: This!
Kento: This isn’t one of my roles, but isn’t it “Strobe Edge”?
Suda: HAHAHA. Do not say the name of the movie!
Kento: It’s Ando-kun.
Suda: Even so! Don’t say the real name.
Kento: Ando-kun.
Suda: Don’t say it.
Kento: He’s (played by) Yamada Yuki.
Suda: Well this is aru, right?
Kento: This is very aru.
Suda: But you haven’t done this before?
Kento: Well, that… maybe aru (yes).
Suda: What? What? Which one? *flips papers* Where is it? I don’t see it here!
Kento: It’s not here… Ano ne, unexpectedly, this can be found also in stories that aren’t adapted from mangas.
Suda: Oh.
Kento: Like in ‘kyun kyun’ [Note: heart-fluttering] stories.
Suda: I see. Can you do the “what the hell am I doing?”?
Kento: Shall I?
Suda: Please do.
Kento: “*Ehhhh* What the hell am I doing?”
Suda: Did you really do it?
Kento: Eh? Was I wrong?
Suda: What’s the *Ehhhh* for?
Kento: Well, it’s like going into the bath.
Suda: Well…
Kento: Can I do it again?
Suda: Ok, do it again. Please. Ok, the heroine has been sent over to the guy she likes.
Kento: “Ahhah~ what the hell am I doing!”
Suda: Lol. I see. I see.
Kento: Suda-kun, can you also do it?
Suda: Me? Okay.
Kento: In a cool way, do that ‘kyun kyun kyun kyun’ thing.
Suda: “Ahh~ what the hell am I doing?”

Suda: With that, we’ve come to the end of the 100% manga corner.
Kento: Eh that’s sad.
Suda: I do it every week, so if you’d like to, please listen.
Kento: Got it.
Suda: Have you listened in before?
Kento: I…have…
Suda: HAHAHAHA. Not, right?
Kento: …yeah.

Suda: What the hell am I doing?
Kento: Well, as long as she’s happy =D

More mails from listeners.

Suda: Today’s guest is Yamazaki Kento.
Kento: That’s right. I’m sorry.
Suda: What are you apologising about?
Kento: Nothing.
Suda: That’s Yamazaki Kento. Please don’t get uneasy over nothing.
Kento: *LOL*
Suda: It’s almost an hour into the show.
Kento: That’s fast.
Suda: It is. The first half is over. How is it?
Kento: It’s really fun.
Suda: Really? That’s great, that’s great. Then from now, we’ll continue to take questions for Yamazaki Kento.

Suda:…and today’s guest is Yamazaki Kento.
Kento: This is Yamazaki Kento.
Suda: Yup, the good boy Yamazaki Kento-kun. A mail has come. From radio name hodoman. “Un, Kento-kun, it’s fun. Today is un, un, very fun! But, just a little, you’re perhaps getting carried away.”
Kento: Ehh?
Suda: “It’s rare to have such a good atmosphere, so please calm down a little.”
Kento: Ah! I’m sorry… Well, I’ll kinda… read the atmosphere.
Suda: *LOL* That’s not the case! That’s not the case!
Kento: That’s not?
Suda: We can go on like this.
Kento: Am I doing okay? Is my existence felt?
Suda: Yes. You’re alive.
Kento: That’s great.
Suda: You’re alive. Don’t worry.
Kento: Then…from now on too, ONEGAISHIMASU!

Mail from listener moromoronojijoude.
Suda: “I love Kento-san’s works!”
Kento: Thank you very much.
Suda: “But I also feel that you’d get bashed a lot.”
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: “But I love Kento-san’s works!”
Kento: Yes! Thank you!
Suda: “‘Your Lie in April’ is the best!”
Kento: Thank you very much. I’m happy… Well, well, just the “love” part will do.
Suda: *LOL*
Kento: Well, well…
Suda: yeah, if you say it yourself (about being bashed), it’s still alright.
Kento: If someone says it to me, it’s like a double blow.
Suda: HAHAHAHA. Yeah. But you’re the one who brought it up in the first place.
Kento: I shouldn’t have said it in the first place… LOL…I’m sorry.
Suda: Anyway, after this segment, it’ll be time to bid Yamazaki Kento-kun goodbye.
Kento: Eh? I’ll be lonely.
Suda: How? Will you be around later?
Kento: Hmm, I’ll leave once.
Suda: Once? Got it, so you’ll leave once. Wait, what do you mean?
Kento: Eh?
Suda: Means you are coming back?
Kento: Once, cos it’s about time I go to the toilet or something.
Suda: I see. I see. The toilet, right?
Kento: Yes, the toilet.
Suda: I see.

Mail from listener oroshirosugiman, from Osaka.
Suda: “There’s a line I’d like both of you to say.”
Kento: Yes.
Suda: “Next week, would you like to watch the fireworks with me? Just the two of us.” “Please.” So Kento, please say it.
Kento: “Next week, would you like to watch the fireworks with me? Just the two of us.”
Suda: Ohhhh~~ This is as expected of you.
Kento: This… I think I did this before.
Suda: HAHAHAHA. That was cool. That was cool.
Kento: Suda-kun, please say it too.
Suda: I do it too?
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: *clears throat* “Next week, would you like to watch the fireworks with me? Just the two of us.”
Kento: Ohh… that was nice.
Suda: HAHA. That was kinda–
Kento: It’s Summer, right?
Suda: Yeah. I was kinda aiming for something sexy… That was a technique I stole from Yamada-san. To speak in an erotic way.
Kento: Speaking in an erotic way.
Suda: And so, the movie that Yamazaki Kento leads–
Kento: Yes. Oh, you will PR for me too?
Suda: Of course. “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Part 1” is showing in theatres now.
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: I hope everyone will go watch it.
Kento: I hope everyone will watch it.
Suda/Kento: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Suda: Then on 21 Oct, the movie “Saiki Kusuo no Sainan” will be released.
Kento: Yes. This is a comedy.
Suda: It’s a comedy.
Kento: Please look forward to it.
Suda: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Suda: Also, such a mail came. From Fukuoka Prefecture, jamojisanobasan. “Excuse me, erm, this might seem a bit weird, but… Kento Yamazaki…”
Kento: Yes!
Suda: “Kento Yamazaki.”
Kento: Yes!
Suda: “Erm, could you be… stu–”
Kento: Hmm? Hmm?
Suda: “Oh I’m sorry if I might have misunderstood, but… are you stupid?”
Kento: No, no. It’s written as “wise man” (賢い人) but read as “Kento” (賢人).
Kento: There’s no way I can be stupid.
Suda: You… *HAHAHA* You… *HAHAHA*
Kento: There’s no way I can be stupid.
Kento: It’s written as “wise man”, so… Well, my father and mother thought about it carefully and gave me this name… They thought about a name which is fitting for me… and me too, I also think the same~~~~ I’M SORRY! PLEASE EXCUSE ME! *LOL*

Mail from listener jankejan.
Suda: “Suda-san, Yamazaki-san, please let me request a line from a script.”
Kento: Yes. Please. I’ll say it properly!
Suda: “I can make onigiri really well, so will you come?” (ore onigiri nigiru no sugee umee kedo, kuru?) [It’s like a tongue twister lol]
Kento: Ah, okay, I’ll do it in a natural way.
Suda: Got it. Please.
Kento: “I can make onigiri really well, so will you come?” *LOL*
Suda: Hey hey. Are you fooling around?
Kento: No, no…. No, no, this is really difficult to say… Try saying it. Ore-oni, ore-oni… What is it?
Suda: I’ll try it. “I can make onigiri really well, so will you come?” How is it?
Kento: You’re good.
Suda: Wanna say one more time, Kento?
Kento: “I can make onigiri really well, so will you come?”
Suda: HAHAHAHAHA. That’s good. But, what kind of line is this? Wait a min. Why are we made to say this?
Kento: They want us to make onigiri, right?
Suda: Even if the onigiri is made well, I won’t go.

Mail from listener shindome.
Suda: “There’s a line I’d like you guys to say.”
Kento: I’ll try it.
Suda: Please.
Kento: “With me saa, let’s go catch it, that freaking big stag beetle saa!!!”
Suda: Oh.
Kento: That was kinda like I was in a fight… Like something I’d say during a fight.
Suda: I see…. Like in a shonen manga.
Kento: Maybe it should be different.
Suda: It’s okay. Kento, you aren’t wrong.
Kento: Suda-kun, can you also say it?
Suda: LOL. I do it too? Kento-kun?
Kento: Do it~ Do it~ Do it~
Suda: LOL “With me saa, let’s go catch it, that freaking big stag beetle…saa!!”
Kento: I see.
Suda: Actually, I couldn’t see the last word “saa” so I couldn’t say it in time.
Kento: It’s a bit erotic.
Suda: Eh, is everyone enjoying this?
Kento: Is this okay?
Suda: Is everyone okay?

Suda: Do you want to rest for a while, Kento-kun?
Kento: Maybe I should rest for a while.
Suda: Well, then maybe you can introduce a song, then take a break.
Kento: This song is something I’ve listened to recently. Eh it’s a good song. Aliens by KIRINJI.

Kento: When the person you love doesn’t look back at you, it’s troubling. Eh? Are you asking what you should do? Well, do you know why giraffes have such long necks? Yeah, it’s for the sake of eating the leaves that are high up right? That’s why, to get hold of someone that you can’t reach… the only way is to become a giraffe right? You’ve to steadily, steadily (gun gun gun gun, gun gun gun gun) raise your neck… more and more, higher and higher up you’ve to raise your neck. Then, what will happen? If there’s a guy with such a long neck, anyone would look back at him right? When that happens, that person will fall in love with you. So before it’s too late, tell the person this. “Be prepared, I’m coming for you.” [literally, he said “Wash your neck and wait for me!”]  This is Suda Masaki’s, noooo–, it’s Yamazaki Kento’s All Night Nippon!!! Well, I’ll go off first.

Suda: This is Suda Masaki.
Kento: Well…
Suda: Our guest today is Yamazaki Kento-kun.
Kento: This is Yamazaki Kento. That was annoying, isn’t it?
Suda: That was your first jingle. You did it.
Kento: Yeah, I did.
Suda: It’s a little silly, right?
Kento: Yeah I did it.
Suda: Don’t worry. You were made to do.
Kento: I was. It was written in the script.
Suda: Yes, it was. But you weren’t told to speak in that way. That “gun gun gun gun” was written there, but not the way you said it~
Kento: HAHAHA.

Muscle Training.

Mail from Fukuoka Prefecture, soshitarasoredekekkoudesu.
Suda: “Kento-san, do you work out?”
Kento: Erm… Yes, I do.
Suda: Oh? Yeah for sure you are a little bigger now.
Kento: Yes.
Suda: Are you doing muscle training?
Kento: Yes. For some project in the distant future…
Suda: I see. Something you can’t say yet. I see, I see.
Kento: Yes.
Suda: So you go to the gym and stuff.
Kento: Yes, to the gym. Ah but it’s something quite in the distant future so, I’d go to the gym if I can.
Suda: I see. When you did “JoJo”, you became quite big.
Kento: When I did “JoJo”…
Suda: …I had the impression you became quite big. We bumped into each other at the same vintage clothes shop once.
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: At that time, I thought you’ve grown bigger. Well, at that time I was also playing a boxer.
Kento: Suda-kun, after that you became really thin right?
Suda: Yeah, after that I was thin for “Teiichi”. Such body adjustments, did someone tell you to do it? Or you decided to do it yourself?
Kento: Well, for JoJo, when I read the manga, I thought he’s kinda big.
Suda: Yeah.
Kento: I felt that I must do it.
Suda: That role isn’t a Japanese.
Kento: Quarter? He’s a half… So I thought I’d like to be as big as I can. I ate a lot. And I gained 10kg.
Suda: Wah, you gained so much! It’s difficult to gain weight, right?
Kento: Yes, it’s difficult. The most worrying is the eating.
Suda: I feel you. I also gained 10kg when I did the boxer role. It’s easier to lose weight than to gain.
Kento: Yes, it’s easier to lose weight.
Suda: If I have to choose, losing weight is easier, you can choose not to eat. But to eat is difficult.
Kento: Yes, eating is a problem.
Suda: It’s like you have to eat more per meal and more meals than usual, otherwise the weight won’t go up by that much.
Kento: Well it’s like you can’t let your stomach go empty.

Suda: Is there anything else you worked very hard on to prepare for a role?
Kento: Hmm. Everything.
Suda: *LOL* Well, that’s true but…
Kento: The body adjustments etc… like for Kingdom’s CM–
Suda: The CM. I’m so envious of that!
Kento: I gained weight for that.
Suda: I see, I see.
Kento: Oh yes, when I did “Death Note”, I was just nice also doing asadora “Mare” at the same time.
Suda: Oh, oh, oh.
Kento: For the first time, I was firmly working on two projects at the same time. So naturally, I lost weight, and when I did, “Death Note” started while I was doing “Mare” halfway. I was losing more and more weight, and I thought L looking like this seems good, so I went on not eating.
Suda: I see…
Kento: How about Suda-kun?
Suda: For me…
Kento: Suda-kun did it quite a few times right?
Suda: For “Princess Jellyfish”, I had to dress as a female so I lost weight. Then I gained for the boxer role. That’s all.
Kento: Is that so?
Suda: Yes, yes.

School uniforms.

Suda: Until what age do you think you’ll be wearing school uniforms (for roles)?
Kento: This…
Suda: It’s about time?
Kento: I’m often asked this.
Suda: So happened, when “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun” was announced, I made a comment that this is the last time I’m wearing a blazer.

Kento: For certain, until now, I think I might have worn too many school uniforms.
Suda: Well, not about wearing too many, but your age–
Kento: Yeah, such roles are (given because of my age).
Suda: It’s something that can only be done now.
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: So what kind of colours of blazers have you worn so far? *LOL* Try saying it.
Kento: Well, this is awesome.
Suda: Try saying? Try saying?
Kento: Erm…green, black, navy blue, brown, black.
Suda: You said ‘black’ twice.

Suda: And inside, you wear parka…
Kento: I wore parka… and chouran [Note: long gakuran, the kind that Josuke wears haha].
Suda: Chouran… *HAHAHAHAHA*
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: You had regent hair and wore a chouran, right?
Kento: Yes.
Suda: Is that purple colour?
Kento: It’s not.
Suda: It’s black colour?
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: Oh, black.
Kento: Although it’s black, well… the aura, the Stand’s aura thing is purple colour.
Suda: The other day, in “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun”, I wore an orange blazer, like in the manga.
Kento: Oh.
Suda: Indeed, at that time, I think there won’t be a second time.
Kento: You wore the orange (blazer) and thought that?
Suda: For someone like me who wore gakuran back in school… Did you wear gakuran?
Kento: I wore blazers.
Suda: For someone from outside Tokyo like me who wear gakurans, wearing blazers was embarassing.
Kento: Oh, is that so?
Suda: Yes. It’s not the same for you?
Kento: For me, I’ve been wearing blazers all along in middle and high school, so when I first wore one for my roles, I thought it’s nice.
Suda: LOL… Oh well, for a while more I guess… How old are you? 22?
Kento: Yes, 22.
Suda: You are two years younger ne.
Kento: Turning 23 soon.
Suda: I see. What do you want as a birthday present?
Kento: Ehhh??? What should I choose? I’d like Suda-kun to bring me to the vintage clothes shop that you go to.

Suda: Do you remember? Since when did you start speaking to me in casual form?
Kento: *LOL*
Suda: I’m totally fine with that.
Kento: Oh, is that so (~sossuka – casual form)?
Suda: Hey, stop it. Hey! Stop that!
Kento: Eh? Suda-kun, Suda-kun…
Suda: Hey, stop pointing your finger at me!
Kento: *LOL*
Suda: Stop that. And that, you also said “I can call you Masaki already, right?”
Kento: Did I say that?
Suda: You said so…. Everyone, listen. All along, Kento has been calling me Suda-kun, and using honorific form. But there was a time when he told me “I can call you Masaki, right?” And I was rather happy about it. I was happy. Even though there’s the age thing, I’m fine with anything whether it’s honorific or not…… But recently, his mails are all in honorific form. Why was that so?
Kento: No, no, no. Listen? Please listen to me (~kiite kudasee – casual form).
Suda: Stop that!
Kento: Well, for sure, you are my sempai, aren’t you? (~sempai jaan – casual form).
Suda: You said “jaan” (casual form)!
Kento: You are two years my senior in life, and… well, you are two years my senior in life.
Suda: There’s only one reason?
Kento: But when I get close to someone, I naturally speak in casual form. (~nacchaussuyo – casual form). Then, I thought I should speak casual form to Suda-kun. But when I wanted to speak, I think “Suda-kun is my sempai after all!”
Suda: *LOL*

Kento: Suda-kun is that, right? You’re the older brother, the oldest son in the family.
Suda: Ah, yes, in private, I’m the oldest of us 3 brothers.
Kento: Yes, and your second brother is also called Kento, right? And I’m the second son. In my family, I’m the second son, so when we are together, you have the older brother feel.
Suda: And with the same “Kento” as a link.
Kento: Yes, yes, yes.
Suda: Because my younger brother is called Kento also, right?
Kento: Yes. This older brother feel–
Suda: Kento, your siblings are?
Kento: I have an older brother.
Suda: You are the youngest?
Kento: Yes.
Suda: I see.
Kento: That’s why…
Suda: So, the oldest son Masaki who has a younger brother called Kento, and the youngest son Kento who has an older brother. You wanna match these together.
Kento: Well, well, well… Suda-kun ne, is good at cooking.
Suda: LOL. Did I cook for you before?
Kento: His cooking is delicious. The curry that Suda-kun makes…
Kento: I can’t forget that.
Suda: HAHAHAHA. You’re a liar. But I did cook.
Kento: What Suda-kun cooked was Avocado Cream Cheese Curry.
Suda: Wow, how nostalgic.
Kento: That was…
Suda: We were having extra servings like nobody’s business.
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: It was like, “I wanna eat something sweet, but I also want something spicy.” So I used two frying pans on two stoves to cook.
Kento: Yes.
Suda: The next day, I was saying “I’m the sempai, right? Why did I make two kinds of curries for Kento…”
Kento: Because you’re so kind ne~
Suda: I remember on the right side of the rice was the spicy one, and on the left was the sweet curry.
Kento: Yes.
Suda: How nostalgic…

Kento: Yeah, that’s why Suda-kun should be a sempai and like an older brother to me?
Suda: I see! But when we are working together, it’s different.
Kento: Yeah. So that’s how it is. In the end, I can’t call you “Masaki”!
Suda: Ah…
Kento: I thought I can’t call you “Masaki”.
Suda: LOL.
Kento: Even when I say “Can I call you Masaki?”, I end up saying “Suda-kun”.
Suda: Well, if anything, you should call me by my real name. [Note: “Suda Masaki” is his stage name.]
Kento: Yeah, your real name….

Suda: Well, it’s almost time.
Kento: You must be kidding.

Mail from listener, mokemokestudio.
Kento: Mokemoke.
Suda: “It’s my first time seeing such an undecorated and natural/raw actor.”
Kento: Thank you.
Suda: “You were great, and you were super annoying.”
Kento: LOL. I’m sorry.
Suda: “Kento, good work! It was fun. Thank you!”
Kento: Thank you! Mokemoke!
Suda: LOL. Well, everyone would not have expected something like this?
Kento: That’s right.
Suda: They’ve only seen Kento in the spotlight with make-up on, right?
Kento: Indeed.
Suda: You don’t get to speak like this too, right?
Kento: Yeah.
Suda: How was it? Was it fun?
Kento: It was super fun!
Suda: LOL
Kento: I don’t wanna go home.
Suda: Once more, there are some announcements you have to make.
Kento: Eh, this is work stuff, but movie “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable Part 1” is showing in theatres now. Then, I’ll appear in TBS drama “Rikuou” starting October. Then, movie “Saiki Kusuo no Sainan” will be released from 21 October. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Suda: How was it today?
Kento: It was so fun!!
Suda: Really?
Kento: Well, Suda-kun is really amazing! To do this alone every week, you’re really amazing!
Suda: LOL
Kento: You’re indeed a sempai! (sempaissu wa – casual form)
Suda: You, saying something so serious like that, you should tell me only later when we both are together alone.
Kento: You’re indeed a sempai! (sempaissu wa – casual form)
Suda: LOL. Stop it! You don’t really think that right?
Kento: Sempaissu! Sempaissu! (casual form)
Suda: Go back now!
Kento: LOL
Suda: And so, today’s guest was Yamazaki Kento. Thank you!
Kento: Thank you! Suda-kun, thank you very much!
Suda: If there’s something else you wanna say, say it during the CM (commercial break).
Kento: Suda-kun… I love you ♡
Suda: Is it okay to end it like that?
Kento: Eh? What should I say…. Eh?… GREAT da ze!!
Suda: LOL


And we thought Kento left the show already, but…

Suda: I’m sorry, everyone who’s listening. Outside the booth, Kento Yamazaki has been waving at me. I can ignore him, right?…. Okay, go back! Bye bye! Go back! Okay, Yamazaki Kento-kun has left. And it’s not “Bye-bee”.

Then a few minutes later…

Suda: Sorry– I’m sorry, everyone, please wait a minute. Now beside me, Yamazaki Kento-kun has come into the booth again, has a hand around my shoulder and is taking photos… Well… You can hear the shutter sounds, right? It’s really disturbing, you know. [can hear Kento laughing in the background]
Suda: You, aren’t you going home?
Kento: *LOL*
Suda: Hey.
Kento: I’m going home, I’m going home.
Suda: Don’t say “I’m going home, I’m going home.” What? What?
Kento: Suda Masaki’s–
Suda/Kento: All Night Nippon!
Kento: Yes!
Suda: You ended great with a cool “GREAT da ze!!” just now.
Kento: No, wait…
Suda: You smell of garlic!
Kento: HAHAHA.
Suda: You smell of garlic! Hurry up and go home!
Kento: See you, Suda-kun.
Suda: I got it.
Kento: Bye bye.
Suda: Okay. Bye bye.
Kento: See you.
Suda: That–
Kento: GREAT da ze!
Suda: LOL. That’s a bit different.
Kento: Bye bye. Good work!
Suda: Stop it! Stop saying such ‘industry terms’.
Kento: Good morning! Good work!
Suda: Even if it’s morning, don’t say that… Well, this style of him leaving the show once, and intruding again… is exactly the same style as his sempai Yamada Takayuki. Maybe I need to send a message over… Their management company should think about this… LOL.

Last one, because this was funny.

Mail from listener sugoipanda.
Suda: “Before this broadcast, I hated Yamazaki. Listening to this broadcast, I started to like him. But because of that intrusion just now, I started to hate him again.” HAHAHAHA. See! Kento! People started to like you already, but what a waste… See what you did at the end… But really, everyone, please don’t hate him, okay!


And I’m done! Yatta! This was really tedious to translate cos 1) Suda speaks really fast and mumbles, and he uses kansai dialect, 2) sometimes I can’t tell if it was Suda or Kento speaking, especially when they both get so high haha, and 3) I’m physically tired lol… Anyway I hope you enjoyed it! =D

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  1. Thank you so much for part 2. I know it’s really hard to translate esp. when you are just listening ang the other party talks so fast and using other dialect. Otsukaresamadeshita.
    # They are both baka Hahaha. Love them both. I enjoyed so much.

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  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! That was A LOT to translate, I really appreciate all the work you put here. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS! I COULDN’T BREATHE. They both are so funny. I wonder why Kento is bashed sometimes, he is such a sweetheart.
    PSDT: Your blog has become one of my favs, seriously, I have added it in my bookmarks

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  6. “01:18:50
    Mail from listener sugoipanda.
    Suda: “Before this broadcast, I hated Yamazaki. Listening to this broadcast, I started to like him. But because of that intrusion just now, I started to hate him again.” HAHAHAHA. See! Kento! People started to like you already, but what a waste… See what you did at the end… But really, everyone, please don’t hate him, okay!

    And the upper one when Kento answered yes he often got bashed”

    What’s wrong? Why someone so precious as him got hated and bashed?

    Thank you very much for all the translate you are so wonderful!

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