Welcome to Morioh-cho!

The official JoJo movie site has opened up a special section on Morioh-cho where one can ‘explore’ Morioh-cho on their smartphones (viewed landscape way) or PCs.

There’s a video interview of Director Miike in the main town area, which also showed pics of the street signs, back alley, police cars, a yatai, and a theatre. In other areas of Morioh-cho, we’ve got pics of Budougaoka high school which Josuke, Koichi, etc. attends, a classroom in the school, a police box, a combini called Otenki mart, Morioh-cho Grand Hotel, Koichi’s house, and of course Josuke’s house, the post box, his living room and kitchen.

Morioh Town streets, theatre, police box, yatai, combini & street signs

Budougaoka High School

Morioh Grand Hotel

Hirose House

Higashikata House



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