Yamazaki a.k.a Josuke

Sakurada Dori tweeted earlier (on his private account) that he was out with a friend after work. True enough, this ‘friend’ is Yamazaki Kento, cos a few hours after that, he blogged about it.

Photo from Sakurada Dori’s private twitter

Photo from Sakurada Dori’s official blog

An extract from his official blog post:

Then, at night

I met up with Yamazaki a.k.a Josuke

Clothing stores followed by


The meat was really delicious

He also talked about Hyouka towards the end of the post. In fact, he tweeted earlier too – not once, but twice – about Erutaso~~~ lol.

Then, Hyouka was showing on abema TV

Erutaso~ [note: Chitanda Eru]

I’ll definitely watch Hyouka’s live-action movie

I’m nervous about the live adaptation

But you can count on the lead actor

See you (TωT)/~~~

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