[Subs] Isshuukan Friends – Trailer feat. Kanade

Since I did the teaser trailer the other time, I’ve decided to sub this one too ?

Download @ MF (38mb)

After reading Amamiya Sora’s comment on how each version of Isshuukan Friends has its own charm – the manga, the anime, and the live-action movie, I’ve decided to pick up the manga again. I read a few chapters before but didn’t continue due to the way the story was presented. I completed the anime with ease though. It’s one of my favourite animes. Funny, sweet and heartwarming. If I could only use one word to describe it, it’d be “bittersweet”. And that was exactly how I felt when I first watched the above live-action trailer.

There are some differences between the live-action and the anime. These are purely based on what I’ve gathered so far from the trailers (*warning: may contain spoilers).

The diary. In the anime it’s only Fujimiya Kaori writing the diary. But in the movie, Hase-kun and Kaori-chan will do a diary exchange. Hase-kun also throws the diary into the fire… he looks so tortured in that scene :'( I think the equivalent scene in the anime might be the one where he cried at the staircase near the rooftop.

Yamagishi Saki. In the anime, she’s a former classmate of Shougo Kiryuu, but in the live-action, she’s a childhood friend of Hase Yuuki. In addition, it seems like she has a crush on Yuuki. I’m curious as to how this will turn out, cos I think they’ll pair her and Kiryuu up at the end.

Matsuri scene. I think this is a combination of two important scenes: 1) classroom scene where Kaori faints and loses her memory after seeing Hajime-kun, and 2) summer vacation date scene in Kamakura (my favourite scene in the anime ?). Instead of watching the sunset and night sky from the Shonan beach, Hase-kun and Kaori-chan will wear yukatas and go on a matsuri date, then watch floating lanterns in the sky? I think I’ll love this scene in the live-action too.

There are also some small characters that were created for the movie, but in general, as it was a short anime, it seems like all the main characters will appear in the movie, unlike in kimiuso live-action. I can go on and on about how good kimiuso live-action is, as a movie on its own and as an adaptation too, but I shall not digress.

All in all, things are looking good for ichifure live-action at the moment. Not sure if they will stick to the same ending. Guess we can only find out on 18 Feb next year!

Sorry for the looooong post. I initially wanted to only post the subs…?

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  1. Thank you so much for all your work. I don’t speak Japanese, so I really enjoy visiting your website everyday to keep me posted on one of my favorite actor <3

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