Yamazaki Kento endorses Yamazaki Pan “Lunch Pack”

About time ne! Every time we walked past a Daily Yamazaki or ate one of the Lunch Packs, we were saying how Kento should endorse this. Just because it’s ヤマザキ (Yamazaki) ne! We are sensitive to this word after all lol. This 「Pop Up!」 Ver. CM features 6 flavours, so we see Kento in 6 different attires lol. I think I like the blue one best… Which is your favourite?

From left to right: egg, peanuts, tuna mayonaise, strawberry jam & margarine, ham & mayonaise, and chocolate. One color to represent each flavour.

Here are the 15s and 30s versions that will air starting 1 January, 2019:

During the shoot for the CM, Yamazaki Kento was seen in serious discussion with the director. He was also checking the monitor after every take. He suggested some moves on his own, and even requested to do retakes for certain shots. Seems like the video for the Making has been taken down for now. I’ll post about it again when it’s available (probably on 1 Jan).

Meanwhile, let’s make do with these smiling Kento ^^

Kento said “I started eating Lunch Packs when I was in elementary or middle school, so I feel really attached to it. I’m really happy to be able to appear in Yamazaki-san’s CM. I feel a mysterious connection as a fellow “Yamazaki” (lol).”

He said he loved the peanuts flavour and used to eat it very often.

Actually out of the 6 flavours Kento held here, I’ve tried all except the peanuts and chocolate lol. They aren’t only convenient – can be eaten “anywhere, anytime” like what Kento said in the CM – they taste good too. Most of the flavours I’ve tried, at least. They often do collaborations with dramas too so I’ve tried a few like the 99.9, Reverse, and Rikuoh ones.

Remember the “Nikuoh” Lunch Pack? ↓ hehe~

This was really nice to wake up to, after a kinda long “Kento drought” lol. I hope it also spurs Kento to update his Instagram! It’s been a month since his last update ne~

2 thoughts on “Yamazaki Kento endorses Yamazaki Pan “Lunch Pack”

  1. Thank you for the update! I always appreciate your updates and effort.

    Definitely, I am also very glad for this update after the long “Kento-kun drought”.

    I am not living in Japan, so I have not been able to try the Lunch Pack yet, but once I have the chance to go I will definitely try them out!

    I really hope he keeps warm this winter and remains cheerful as always!

    Have a great new year ahead and do keep yourself warm this winter! 。^‿^。

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