Happy New Year!

It’s already 1st January 2019 in Japan, so… あけましておめでとう!

2018 was a great year for us ne. Yamazaki Kento not only got his first lead role in a drama series. He got his second as well within the same year.

From Jan to Mar, he gave us Doujima Outarou in Todome no Kiss, an expressive character who showed us a wide spectrum of human emotions. I felt that this drama was meant to showcase the versatility of Yamazaki Kento the actor. Mid-year, we had Tomura Naoki in Forest of Wool and Steel, the only Kento movie released in 2018. Then in Summer, Kento proved that he’s not just a pretty face when he successfully portrayed the autistic Shindo Minato in Good Doctor. This won him Best Actor in the 98th Drama Academy Awards. He was also awarded iQiYi Asian Artist in China for his acting in both Todome no Kiss and Good Doctor.

On to this year – 2019 – we’ve got KINGDOM! It’s the Kento movie I’m most excited about to date. To be honest, I’ve never read a better manga than Kingdom. I’m playing two different Kingdom game apps everyday and chasing new chapters in Young Jump every week. That’s how much I’m into it, and it’s thanks to Kento. Because of the 10th Ann. CM he did back in 2016, I bought my first volume of the manga, and let’s just say… the rest is history ^^

As Wotakoi release has been delayed till 2020, Kingdom is the only announced project in 2019. But I’m sure he’s doing something that just hasn’t been announced yet. I’m hoping he will have two dramas this year as well, maybe one in Spring and another in Autumn? hehe~

Site wise, we’ve changed our hosting provider recently due to escalating costs, so some of the old posts might have missing emojis or weird symbols after the migration. I’ll fix them when I have time. Personally, I’m also in the midst of a relocation. I’ll be moving to a country on the other side of the world… which means I might not be able to update as quickly as I’d like due to the time difference. I’ve also put a few subbing projects on hold due to this, but rest assured once I’ve settled in or have free time, I’ll work on them asap.

Honto ni honto ni thank you for your support the past year. Please continue to support us, and our dearest Yamazaki Kento in 2019. 今年もよろしくね!✌

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! I truly hope that you will have a fruitful and meaningful 2019, and I hope the same for our dear Yamazaki Kento as well 😀

  2. woahhhh i hope you will get plenty of rest first after relocation. tbh moving can be tiring especially when you said you’ll be moving to some place far. thank you for all the content you’ve been giving to us yamaken fans so earnestly. we’re lucky to have you as the person to turn to regarding news and updates about yamaken. I hope you will be aroung as long as yamaken is ?? Have a happy 2019 and may God bless us all ❤

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