Yo-kai Watch Opening Day LINE Interview & Stage Greeting

Yo-kai Watch The Movie: The Great Adventure of the Flying Whale and the Double Worlds, Meow! opened yesterday, and there was a live LINE interview session as well as streaming of the stage greeting. If you missed it, you can rewatch it here. If you’d like to keep for future viewing, I’ll be sharing it in two parts here.

Interview session

Download the video @ MF (394mb)

They were reading out some live comments and some of them include “Kento-kun kakkoii~” and “How old are you?” lol. Some asked if Kento caught a cold, but he said he shouted himself hoarse (probably while filming JoJo?). One said that he seemed to have lost weight, if he’s tired…he replied “thank you” lol. And they were surprised that comments came from overseas, from New Zealand for example.

Q: What (from the filming) left the biggest impression on you?

Kento: How incapable I was at dancing ?

Both Kento and Saito Takumi didn’t know that dancing was the ‘main’ part of their roles lol.

Then, they read out comments like “What is your favourite food?” and “Did you eat matcha?”.

MC: Why matcha?
Kento: I mentioned before that I liked matcha.
MC: Oh, you do?
Kento: Occasionally…yeah.
MC: Have you eaten it today?
Kento: No, as it’s still in the morning.

The next Yo-kai Watch movie was announced a few days ago, and the cast were asked to draw a new Yo-kai character that they could think of. There’s a chance that the chosen character will be voiced over by the cast himself/herself. Kento drew this creature and named it “clone-nyan”. The producer pointed out that the nails are like ‘claws’ (which has almost the same pronunciation as ‘clone’ in Japanese), and Kento was like “I see! That’s it, that’s it…” and the character became “claw-nyan” ?

Another interesting comment: “Kento-kun, unexpectedly, has good taste.” LOL

Stage Greeting

Download the video @ MF (638mb)

During the self introduction, Kento was saying that Lord Enma is the strongest in the Yo-kai World [which is pronounced as ‘yo-kai-kai’] so he was repeating “yo-kai-kai” a few times, which was cute hehe.

On acting with Saito Takumi for the first time, Kento said that Saito-san has a really good voice, so he could feel calm/relaxed beside him. Saito-san said that when they were being briefed on the stage greeting earlier, even the timing that they took water was synchronized.

Regarding the much-talked-about dance scene, Kento said, “When I danced in front of my friends, I was told that I look like a yo-kai [note: spirit/monster] ? It was bad to such an extent. (But) I did my best.” When he was rehearsing the dance steps, he didn’t really understand the “one and two and…” [note: in English] so they made it easier for him to understand by going “ichi, ni no san” [note: one, two and three in Japanese] lol.

Q: What (from the movie) left the biggest impression?

Most of the cast said Jinmenken [note: Endo-san’s role, the dog with human face] but Endo-san said he was most amused by Lord Enma and Nurarihyon’s dance. He asked “what kind of feelings did you guys have while dancing?”, and they replied “we were desperate” lol. Endo-san added, “It was strange seeing them dance with serious faces.” Minamide-kun thought that the dance was kakkoii though, “especially the final pose”.

Q: If you were a yo-kai, what would it be?

Kento was thinking hard and couldn’t seem to come up with an answer…then Kozakura-san said that there’s a character called ‘ikemen-ken’ [note: good-looking dog] who’s popular with females, and producer Hino-san also said ‘kabedon-nyan’ seems good for him too. Kento then did a kabedon pose while saying “niku-kyu-BAN!” [note: cat-paws-DON!]. Kawaii haha.

Q: Your memories of Christmas or presents from Santa Claus?

Kento said, when he was in elementary school, he used to receive presents from Santa Claus every Christmas. When he was in year 5 or 6, he woke up and couldn’t see any presents. When he told his mother that there wasn’t any, he was told to “go sleep a bit more”, so he said “okay” and went back to sleep. When he woke up again, he finally received the presents. He was thinking that Santa-san could also be late sometimes ne.

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