(Eng Sub) Rikuoh ep 08

MF (649mb, 46mins 37s)

Once again I wanted to release this before the Todome no Kiss ‘avalanche’ later today. As if a new episode isn’t enough, there’s the live streaming of the HK event as well. How not to be distracted, right? fufu~ BTW I’ll be away for most of next month, so I’ll try my best to finish up Rikuoh before I fly, though the final 2 eps are both extended by 25mins? Anyway, many of my favourite scenes are in this ep8! Hope you’ll enjoy it too!

8 thoughts on “(Eng Sub) Rikuoh ep 08

  1. My weekend is saved – thanks for EP 08 ^-^. Let´s keep our fingers crossed you´ll manage to finish Rikuoh before you leave next month, or we will have a veeeeery long cliffhanger. Anyway, you´re subs are great and I enjoy Rikuoh sooooo much ^-^. Thanks for all your effort!

  2. Thank you for the weekly release! I’m enjoying the drama more as it progresses and I love Ekiden race, but I just hope Team Rikuoh would stop bumping into another hurdle and start succeeding already. They’ve gone through so much ><
    It'd be great if you could finish the last 2 episodes before your leave, but don't force yourself 🙂

  3. This has been so enjoyable to watch with the great sub titled work…thank you so much. I too, like others, hope you are able to finish before your well deserved time off.

  4. This is the second last episode, right? Thank you! Omg, i really can’t believe you really did pick this project up until the end! Thank you so so much!

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