Ichifure twitter reaches 100,000 followers

Congratulations! Isshuukan Friends. official twitter has reached 100,000 followers. As expected, they’ve posted a video message from Kento! ?祝✨10万フォロワー✨突破?たくさんの応援ありがとうございます? #山﨑賢人 さんから喜び&感謝のメッセージが到着???✨✨\公開まであと20日/✨✨さらに盛り上がっていきたいと思いますので、みなさん引き続き応援よろしくお願いします?✨#いちフレ pic.twitter.com/UkYIQEqWyd — 映画「一週間フレンズ。」公式 (@ichifure_movie) January 29, 2017 ✨✨\ 20 days to release /✨✨

WIP for Ichifure Location Map

In a tweet by producer Ishizuka today: The Ichifure Location Map will be completed soon! It’ll be loaded with information on various locations like Seiseki Sakuragaoka and Minamidaira. Please look forward to it ? #Isshuukan Friends #Seiseki Sakuragaoka #Whisper of the Heart Lovely […]