(Eng Sub) Todome no Parallel ep10 (final)

MF (124mb, 17min 28s)

As the parallels are standalones, there isn’t a need to watch previous parallel eps before this. This ep takes place a year after the final episode of the main drama, and is said to be the real ending of Todome no Kiss XD

Due to the huge amount of requests, and thanks to advice from d-san, I’ve decided to release the softsubs for this ep first. These are timed to the Chinese subbed version available out there. I’ll update this post again with hardsubs when I get a proper raw of the full episode.

Update 27 Mar: if you need help locating the video file, do let me know either 1) via DM on twitter @yamazakikentojp, or 2) email me: admin at yamazaki-kento.com (of course, please change “at” to “@” and remove the spaces!). Thanks!

Update 29 Jun: Hardsubs released ♡

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      1. Can you still sub the previous episodes? i know as you said there’s no need to watch the previous but just for the sake of enjoyment can i request you to sub or if not, then if you can email me the raws?

      2. The chinese sub is enough for me, can you give me the chinese sub link?
        My email: [email masked]
        Thank you :X

              1. hi! i was wondering if you could send me the chinese sub link as well. thank you very much!

      3. Please send me episodes 7, 8, and 9 from Todome no Parallel
        I really appreciate your effort and work to make this possible.

        Thank you so much!

  1. Omg. Thanks a lot. This is truly dream come true. I was waiting for this ep 🙂
    You are the best.

  2. You’re the best. Thank you so much for fulfilling my request. Now I can smile and dreaming a happy ending for this couple. 🙂

  3. hellooo! Thankyou so much for your efforts and for taking time out for doing this for the rest of us, we really did need this final ep subbed before others.

    however, although I already watched the raw online (couldn’t stop!!) somehow with much difficulty, I really have no idea how to utilize these soft subs you provided…if it’s not too much could you help out please.

    1. hi, you can open the video in vlc player, then go to “subtitle” and “add subtitle file”. OR rename both video and sub files to the same name and place them in the same folder – when you open the video in vlc player, the subs will load automatically.

  4. I’m curious tho, who said this was the real ending? Was it stated by the team, or just by the fans? lol

    1. it’s not stated officially, but there’s no need to state it officially IMO since after all it takes place a year after the final ep, and it was released only after the final ep ended 🙂

  5. uwa~ thank you so very much! i watched it raw and understood only 20-30% of it. i couldnt understand what they said about hasebe.. i thought he and saiko were together ? AND I’M AGAINST IT!! this really gave me a peace of mind. arigatou gozaimasu~

    1. hi, u’ve to download 1) soft subs file, and 2) video file. Then play the video in VLC player, and go to “subtitles > load subtitles” to load the SRT. in this post, i’m only sharing 1) soft subs (which is the SRT). i’ll send u the link to the video file via email.

        1. oh also whats ur email? why can’t i send it with this? @yamazaki-kento.com They said they can’t find this email address

  6. Thank you again for this! You are the AWESOMEST! (^__________^) I’m seeing a lot of the “real (playful) Kento” here and it makes my heart skip a thousand beats. And of course, that last scene brings so much happiness to my Outarou + Saiko heart <3 Arigatou!!! XD

    1. oh yesss i think that very last sentence (what he said after the ‘tehee~’) was an adlib. it really seemed to have come from the real kento, and not outarou. that’s why i think it was also mugi (not saiko) that was grinning after that <3

  7. Arigatou…now that I have seen this episode I can die in peace.
    Thank you so much for subbing these.

  8. I need a little help with finding the chinese subbed version?
    Thank You so much for your work!


  9. Hi!

    Thank you so much for the soft subs! However, I’m having a hart time locating the chinese subbed version. Can you help me? My email is : [email masked]

    Thank you as always! <3

  10. Hi, sorry a bit lost but is this in English sub? if so could you pls share the link? thank u so much!!

    1. yes, this is english soft subs. please download it from the MF link in the post.
      meanwhile i’ll email you the link for the video~

      1. Hello, would you please send me the link of the video too? Thank you so much for your hard work?

  11. Hi! I’m having troubles looking for the video for this sub, can I please ask for the link~? ^^

  12. Please todome no parrarel is not available at episode 04-09 in this web,can you upload it?,i search in this web is not available

  13. Hi, domo. I wish i can watch todome no parallel ep 10. I really like this drama. Can you send me the link with the subs? thank you so much.

  14. Can i have the link for the the last parallel world eng sub? because i can’t download the video from the post above ?

    1. what is provided in this post is the english soft subs (srt file), so there is no video. if u can’t find the chinese subbed video that these subs are timed to, pls email or dm me, as mentioned in the post. thanks.

      1. then can u give me the link for the last ep of parallel world in eng sub please ? this is my email: [email masked]

  15. Hi do you think you can send me the video? I’m sorry for bothering you about something that has been already been asked multiple times. Thank you so much for all the work you have done. Please and thank you 🙂

  16. Hi Could you please email me the link of this ep ? Chinese version is okay too. Thank you very much .

  17. Hi, I know I’m super late with asking but could I if poss be sent a link to the raw? I don’t mind hardsub atm 🙂

  18. Hello, I’m from a french team of fansub. I’m translating “Todome no kiss” and I would like to sub “Todome no parallel” too. Could you tell me where can I find the raws (without chinese subtitles) please ? I can give you our website by mail and we can put your link on credits at the end of video if you want. I hope you will be agree =)

  19. Hai, can I also get the link of the video and also thank you so much for the eng subtitle. I really appreciate your hard work :””’))) ???

  20. Hi, I really wanted to watch the final episode of Todome no Parallel. But I can’t find it ? I must be an idiot. Can you also please give me the video link. Onegai! ?

  21. I can’t seem to be able to download it, I keep clicking the button download on mediafire but it doesn’t download. Pls help! I really want to watch it ~

  22. If anyone still needs help finding the video or have any trouble downloading or playing the file, please email or DM me as mentioned in the post. Thanks!

      1. hi bel, have you downloaded both srt file and video file? you need to do that first, then play the video with vlc player, and load subtitles (srt file). if u have trouble with any of these steps, please email me or dm me on twitter k~

  23. Hi,

    Can you send me the raw video link and the Chinese Sub link. ありがとうございます

  24. Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate your effort.
    Can you please send me the link too 🙂

  25. hi do you know where i can watch todome no parallel ep 5-9 ? can i share the links i dun mind if its raw or any subs

  26. Can you also send my the link for ep 10 Parallel and others if you have them. Please. Thank you.

  27. hello can you send me the link for ep 10 Parallel ? Thank you so much !! i just freaking in love with this show

  28. Hi. Can someone please send me a link to watch this huhuhu. Btw, thank you so much admin for this site!! I’m a new fan <3

  29. Hi, how can I download all ep of tomepara, especially episode 10. I’ve finished Todome no Kiss last march and this is the 1st time I’ve heard that Todome no Parallel is the real ending, and I’m curious. Thanks.!

  30. Hello, would you please send me the link of the video? Thank you so much for your hard work?

  31. Hello, I just find out the Todome no parallel after watching TNK, and that how I arrived on your website !

    Thank you for your hard work.

    Would it be possible to send me the video link please ? lou_0202@hotmail.fr

    Thank you so much in advance


  32. Hello, I was having trouble downloading the video can you please, please, please! Send me the link.
    Also thank you for all the effort you put into this series.

  33. hi!! i reaaaally wanna see this episode but i have NO idea how i can download it from your site ^^’ i see no download button or anything!! pls tell me how i can watch it!! Thank you soo much <3

  34. Could you please send me the link for the raw version or even the Chinese subs?

    Thank you so much.

      1. Thanking for subbing all of these episodes!

        Can I ask for any sites or links for episodes 7, 8 and 9?

        Even the raws or Chinese subs are fine!

        Thank you

    1. hi, please click on the “MF” link below the picture. it’ll open the download page at mediafire. then click on the green download button.

  35. Please send me episodes 8 and 9 from Todome no Parallel
    I really appreciate your effort and work to make this possible.

    Thank you so much!?

  36. Thank you for translating this but i can’t find the episode 9. Can i have a link for this please ? Thank you very much.

  37. Hello, im having trouble with sound, i opened the video with a video app but still no sound. Is there a problem?

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