Todome no Kiss’ Instagram post on 7 March, 2018

#final episode #4 days to go #on-air 10.30pm 11 march
God doesn’t give with both hands⁉
The first 3-shot in a while, mackenchano. Indeed this is da best yo fuuー卍🤟
Even though he says he can’t play, he plays really well😂
He sings well, he can play the keyboard, he’s good looking, he commands the three key elements to being popular with girls😍, a greedy man. That said, the two by his side were also able to play fairly well though🎹 The person in the foreground seemed to have undergone special education for the gifted since young… Hmm? Somehow it feels like we’ve heard of such a setting before…🧐
#todome no kiss
#yamazaki kento
#arata mackenyu
#sano hayato
#at the filming location, as soon as they find a toy, they’d play with it immediately
#kimiuso #arima kousei
#offshots major release campaign is in progress

Note: It’s just been announced that the movie “Your Lie in April” will be aired on TV for the first time, on 26 March, on Fuji TV @ 9pm. That’s probably why they hashtagged kimiuso and kousei =D

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