Nippon Housou’s Tweet on 23 August, 2017

Sorry to keep you waiting! 【 NEWS】Revealed by Yamazaki Kento, what is Suda Masaki’s unexpected special ability!? ⇒ … #yamazakikento #sudamasakiANN #sudamasaki #allnightnippon Yessss~~ Another two-shot!! ♡ Their t-shirts are so cute~~ This was written on Kento’s: “Yamazaki Kento and Suda Masaki’s […]

Finally, some Hyouka news!

After 6 months of silence, there’s finally some news on Hyouka Live Action movie! Okayama Amane who is Kento’s good friend in real life will also play his good friend Satoshi in the movie! Kojima Fujiko will play Mayaka. The four main […]